Finding furniture for your project isn’t about ordering products and checking the block, it’s about selecting the right furniture that matches your vision for comfort, sustainability, and affordability. More than just acquisition, it’s an intricate, complex process involving many moving pieces. These moving pieces, combined with very specific project requirements, can cause a multitude of challenges to arise throughout the process. IES offers a range of services to help overcome those unique challenges and keep your project moving according to schedule.


Our Space-Planning experts listen carefully in order to learn about the issues which are important to you and your organization. This helps us effectively identify the right furniture which will align accurately with your needs and goals. We can design complete space layouts based on your specifications, provide guidance on maximizing functionality to improve efficiency, and create a specialized product list.


Our extensive cross-functional expertise allows to provide support to individual aspects of the project as well as the “Big Picture” perspective. We work one-on-one to assist our clients in bringing their project to completion in a way which satisfies organizational goals and image. Our efforts to deeply understand our clients and their projects helps us determine how to use our solutions to advance organizational goals, image, and strategy.


The IES Team understands how complex a project can be, and we offer Project Management support to ease that burden from the client’s shoulders. We recognize the critical state of balancing budget, planning and scheduling, contingency planning, manpower, and verifying installation requirements, along with many other aspects. Our experience can ease the stress of projects large and small, and ensure that the project runs smoothly.


The IES Delivery & Installation Team will ensure that your furniture meets your expectations upon arrival, and then begin fast, efficient assembly and installation according to your space plan. Our team can handle projects of any size with speed and efficiency. Our goal is to provide you with a facility that matches your vision and deliver a great customer experience.


IES is committed to ensuring that you remain happy with the solutions we provide, and so are our manufacturers. We’ll take care of the details and ensure that your furniture is maintained throughout its entire lifecycle with inventory, cleaning, and repair. Proper and timely Asset Management extends the life of your furniture and protects your organization’s investment. Not only will your furniture remain clean and beautiful, but it will also maintain necessary functionality.


Our primary purpose at IES is to see our clients happy. Whether that’s through support in identifying appropriate products to fill project needs, managing Asset Management, or full Project Management, we’re ready to work toward your goals. We’re committed to exceptional customer care that starts with listening, moves to supporting, and never really ends - we’ll always be here to provide excellent products, outstanding service, and an approachability that won’t be matched anywhere else.