Who We Serve

Who We Serve


IES works with companies of every size, from small businesses to multinational corporations, carefully tailoring solutions to meet specific project needs and space requirements. Our in-depth understanding of corporate spaces provides us the crucial insight necessary to designing solutions which will create an environment conducive to a fast-paced corporate culture. We can meet all of your space-planning and project fulfillment needs in areas like private offices, open floors, conference rooms, break rooms, and more.

Hospitality (Hotels & Restaurants)

IES offers solutions suited to your furnishing needs, offering products which are comfortable, stylish, and designed to withstand high traffic environments. A well-decorated space equipped with the right furniture can create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere which enhances the total customer experience. Beauty and durability can be balanced with an affordability that allows project managers to fulfill a vision which matches branding and imaging needs. Collections are fully customizable, ensuring the design you implement provides a decidedly unique and enjoyable experience for customers. .


Excellent space planning creates an atmosphere which inspires the mind in a high-performance learning environment. IES stands ready to assist you in designing and implementing spaces designed to be conducive to an effective academic environment. Our product solutions are carefully fashioned to meet all of your requirements for functionality, durability, and affordability. From classrooms and locker rooms to offices and cafeterias, IES can provide solutions for every aspect of the educational environment..


 The fast pace of a healthcare environment requires multifaceted solutions which can overcome all challenges related to durability, comfort, and affordability. At IES we believe that a healthcare environment should elicit a sense of comfort and trust from patients and their families, and be a place where staff can work comfortably and efficiently. We focus on crafting furniture solutions which will create that crucial, caring atmosphere and meet all of your specific project requirements.