Upholstered Furniture

A large selection of upholstered commercial products that include chairs, couches, sectionals, sleeper sofas and more. Standard or custom build to suit your design and budget needs. All products are manufactured in America for an unbelievable value.


Seating (non-upholstered)

We feature a wide selection of quality crafted commercial chairs to provide seating options in for all décor plans. Choose from a collection of wood and metal chairs in arm and side models to accent any room. 


We feature finely-crafted office desks, boardroom conference tables and sleek, fully-powered training tables. With an exceptional variety of surface choices, edge details, base styles, top shades, and technology-friendly features, our office table collection invites you to customize the look and feel of your training and conference rooms.


Technical Furniture
(Consoles & Sit/Stand Solutions) 

Technology keeps changing at a rapid pace which means in certain environments furniture has to change to keep up with technology. Modularity and ergonomically correct workstations are key in a 7 day/24 hour/365 operation. Our products take in consideration space constraints but also offers flexibility for future growth and equipment changes.

Acoustical Dividers & Walls

Our wall combines excellent acoustics with an appealing appearance. It was designed to elegantly integrate acoustically effective surfaces into all areas of a room. Our walls can create a work area, visual shield, small comfort zones and relaxation areas by dividing without separating. They are designed with your specific environment in mind. 

Moveable Walls

We offer more than just walls. Walls can divide space, create visual and acoustical privacy and route for power and communications access to technology. Having them moveable instead of traditional drywall builds in flexibility for the future and reduces costs when reconfiguring as components are re-usable. Our moveable walls bridge the gap between architecture and office furniture..


Systems furniture lets you easily create a complete, cohesive space that easily adapts to rapidly changing business and technology climates. Our core systems allow you to integrate furniture systems, components, storage and technology from multiple product lines. Systems furniture divide space, allow for routing and access of power and communications, and provide worksurface and storage for users. Select from our broad materials and finishes to create a space that harmonizes with any environment.



Our desk and casegood solutions provide user comfort as well as aesthetic integration with other products in the surrounding environment. Our broad finishes offering, eco-friendly furniture manufacturing processes, and shared dimensions across lines make it easy to create an elegant and productive workspace.


Storage solutions including filing, towers and pedestals complete any workspace with ample storage for all types of personal and media items. You can use and re-use storage solutions in a variety of spaces and configurations. Engineered for strength, durability, and lasting value, our office storage is a smart investment.